The fusion of mindsets, families, cuisine and ideas.


Chatham Street Cafe and Restaurant has been a dream in the making. From ideas, conversations and chats over the phone, the thought of venturing into the food business is something that has been brewing for many years.

Sri Lankan and Belarusian hospitality is about communal gatherings, familiar aromas wafting through the kitchen, the matriarchs holding fort, the adults cracking jokes and sharing laughter, the children running around creating lots of noise.

In short, it is a busy place with loads of food, music, lots of cheer, and memories to last a lifetime. This is exactly what the co-owners wanted to emulate in their first venture in hospitality.
The interior theme is a nostalgic journey through one of Colombo’s hip eat streets with architecture that takes you back many years depicted in a 17 meter mural painted by acclaimed Melbourne graffiti artist Alex Hendricks.  

The menu is all about fresh produce, something for everyone, clean and unadulterated, seasonal modern Australian fare intertwined with Sri Lankan fusion cuisine that will tantalise your taste buds.

The end result has been perfect. A place that is homely and comfortable where one can spend many hours enjoying the ambiance, the interiors, chatting away, tasting the wonderful food and making memories.  Much like being back at your mum's or grandma’s.  

We are looking forward to serving you and welcoming you to share our story.  

We are sure you will make memories to last a lifetime.


Please make yourself at home....